All messaging services in one place.

Ferdi is a messaging browser that allows you to combine your favorite messaging services into one application.

It is based on Franz - a software already used by thousands of people.

Tech stack:
ElectronJS, ReactJS, mobx, webpack

Why Ferdi?

Ferdi is based on Chromium and thus simply displays your service's webapps.
In contrast to traditional browsers though, Ferdi brings many features focused on improving your workflow in working with messaging services.
Some of these features include sorting services into different workspaces, global Do-Not-Disturb mode and a Quick-Switch to quickly change between services.

Open source with a growing community

Ferdi is the biggest open-source project I've worked on so far.
We are currently approaching 2.000 stars on GitHub and have collected nearly 750k downloads on our latest release.

What I've learned

Ferdi is my first project using ElectronJS and mobX. As ElectronJS is a very performance-inefficient framework in itself, I learned how to optimize our React application in order to bring down its resource-comsumption.
Besides these technical lessons learned, I also learned a lot about managing and maintaining larger open-source projects. We have now passed 1.000 issues and 300 pull requests on GitHub, which required me to learn more about the moderation and management of projects like these.