Skip Silence


During the pandemic, I had to watch hours of video lectures that my professors recorded. While some of these lectures can have a very good pace, a lot of these videos are also very slow and the lecturers can take very long to write something down.

This extension analyzes audio playing in the browser to automatically speed up the video when the lecturer is silent.

The extension has been rewritten for the Plasmo extension framework to allow for easier development and maintenance. It has been installed over 10.000 times across Chrome and Firefox.

Lessons learned

Due this extension, I learned about the JavaScript Media APIs and what it possible with the Media Nodes available.
The extension seems to use the Media APIs in a way that is not intended by the browser developers. Due to this, I often encountered bugs in the browser's implementations and had to work around them.

Build with

Build with React, TypeScript, JavaScript Media API and Plasmo.