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Web applications allow us to access powerful tools and information on any device and without the need for installation.

As a web developer, I have the opportunity to create beautiful and easy-to-use websites and web applications that not only look great, but also provide value and functionality for the users. I believe that a great web design goes beyond just aesthetics, but also considers the needs and goals of the users.

In my current role as a web developer and project manager at Smarketer, I have the chance to bring this philosophy to life and create websites that make a meaningful impact. With a bachelor degree in applied computer science from HTW Berlin, I have the skills and knowledge to turn my ideas into reality and contribute to the constantly evolving field of web development. Additionally, I am currently studying International Digital Business at HWR Berlin to expand my knowledge of economics and project management.

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Smarketer Jobs

A job board for Smarketer, a marketing agency based in Berlin. With its relaunch in 2022, the job board was completely overhauled and built from the ground up for Core Web Vitals.

The backend is built with Laravel and follows clean code principles to allow for easy maintenance and extensibility. It is deployed to AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk while the frontend is deployed to Vercel.

Build with Next.js, Laravel, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript.

Screenshot of Smarketer Jobs

Skip silence

During the pandemic, I had to watch hours of video lectures that my professors recorded. While some of these lectures can have a very good pace, a lot of these videos are also very slow and the lecturers can take very long to write something down.

This extension analyzes audio playing in the browser to automatically speed up the video when the lecturer is silent.

The extension has been rewritten for the Plasmo extension framework to allow for easier development and maintenance. It has been installed over 10.000 times across Chrome and Firefox.

Build with React, TypeScript, JavaScript Media API and Plasmo.

Screenshot of Skip Silence is a service that allows transferring files between devices without the need for a cloud service. Files are transferred peer-to-peer to ensure privacy and security.

The service is build with WebRTC and WebSockets to create direct connections between devices and is deployed to

Build with React, TypeScript, WebRTC and WebSockets.

Screenshot of

More projects on GitHub

You can find more projects, including libraries and extensions, on my GitHub profile.

Build with React, TypeScript and more.

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I've been mostly working with Laravel, Docker, React/Next.js, TypeScript and PostgreSQL lately.

As part of my study of applied computer science, I got to learn a lot of different technologies, including Java with Android Development, Swift with iOS Development, C# for use with ASP.NET, C for low-level programming and Python.

Additionally, through contributions on open-source projects I got to work with Electron.js for developing desktop apps, react-native for developing mobile apps and various other JavaScript libraries like AdonisJS,, Redux and vue.js.

Through my job at Smarketer, I could also get experience with Redis for large-scale caching, GitHub Actions for CI/CD, AWS including AWS Beanstalk, CloudWatch, RDS and IAM permissions and various testing libraries like PHPUnit, Cypress and Mockery.

Apart from programming, I also have experience with Figma for designing user interfaces, Adobe Illustrator for designing logos and other brand assets as well as Photoshop .